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Lauvette Gift Certificate



Share the gift of pleasure! Whether it be your special someone, friends, or family members, surprise them with the freedom to choose their first (or next favorite) sex toy. Put a naughty smile to your friends’ faces and be the best gift-giver this Christmas.

  • Cute and colorful gift certificates that can also be used as bookmarks
  • Comes with a unique promo code for one-time shopping only
  • Applicable to any product in the shop
  • Transferrable

Earn up to 1,000 LauvPoints.

Earn up to 1,000 LauvPoints.

Know More

Lauvette Gift Certificate Features

When you got your first Lauvette package, you might have thought that someone you know will definitely love to experience the excitement and pleasure you felt but kinda unsure what sex toy he or she prefers. Now is your chance to share the good vibes the Lauvette way! Purchase as many gift certificates as you want, in any amount you want. What a time to be alive, yeah? You don’t need to spend so much time thinking of a perfect gift your friend or your BG/GF deserves because one thing is for sure, they definitely would love to receive gift certificates from Lauvette and get hold of their first ever Lauvette package. These gift certificates also come in fun and cute designs so they double as bookmarks or even as a souvenir.

Why should you buy this?

Pleasure feels so much better when shared! Give someone the freedom to choose the perfect sex toy through Lauvette Gift Certificates. Whether you get the 100-peso, 500-peso, or 1000-peso gift certificate, you will certainly paint a naughty smile to anyone you will give these gift certificates to. Show someone you’re thinking about them and surprise them with the GC of their dreams!

Who will love to receive this gift certificate?

Everyone loves GCs and everyone loves online shopping! The GCs allow the recipient to choose the right toy for their needs and to mix and match products. This gift certificate is perfect for all your fun-loving and amazing friends. And of course, you can buy the GCs for yourself too! Anyone would love to keep these GCs, even after use, as bookmark or souvenir.

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Lauvette Gift CertificateLauvette Gift Certificate
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