Bunny Costumes

Bunny Costumes

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Get ready to start hopping in bed. With the Bunny Costume, you’re a cute and defenseless prey that’s looking like a delicious snack to any predator near the area. Our collection of sexy bunny costumes come in different styles—some have bunny hears headband and bunny tails. We even have the classic Playboy Bunny Costumes that you can wear for that vintage yet still stylish look.

Who Can Wear A Bunny Costume?

Anyone can wear a Bunny Costume. We have them in all sizes so it doesn’t matter what size you are. As long as you have an open and naughty mind, you’re absolutely going to enjoy wearing this costume. Newly wedded wives can enjoy it on their honeymoon, or if you’ve been married for awhile and wants to celebrate your anniversary with something fresh this time, take this costume to bed for a new experience.

How to Have Fun With A Bunny Costume?

When it comes to ways on how you can have fun with the Bunny Costume, there’s an endless opportunity waiting for you. All that’s limiting you is your imagination. You can roleplay as a defenseless prey in bed and have your partner play the role of a predator and have him chase you around the bedroom. It’s great for submission and dominance games so if you’re a sub or a Dom, then it’s a great partner for you. You can also wear it for Halloween parties.
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