Orgie Sensfeel Seduction Pheromone Elixir – For Man

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Increase your attractive power with Orgie Sensfeel Seduction Pheromone Elixir – For Man. It’s formulated with active ingredients that evoke seduction, such as forskolin and theaflavins. Your lover will surely be all over you once you’ve applied this lotion on.

  • 100ml
  • Hair and body lotion for men
  • Formulated to increase physical and sexual attractiveness
  • Infused with forskolin (coleus forskohlii) and theaflavins (camellia sinensis)
  • 10 functions, from being a body moisturizer up to being a pheromone perfume
  • Body-safe, long-lasting, and non-staining

2 left!

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    Orgie Sensfeel Seduction Pheromone Elixir – For Man Features

    Orgie Sensfeel Seduction Pheromone Elixir – For Man is made with active ingredients that translate virility and attraction, such as forskolin (coleus forskohlii) and theaflavins (camellia sinensis).

    It has multiple uses, such as a body moisturizer, hair UV filter, hair tips repair, anti-frizz, detangling gel, hair color protector, hair shine and softness gel, hair volume control gel, and aphrodisiac fragrance. Just apply this to your body, and expect your lover to be more enthralled with your presence.

    How to Use this Product?

    Shake well before using. Open the cap and apply this lotion to your skin or hair. If you’re using this as perfume, apply it in areas of a higher level of blood circulation, such as the neck and wrists. Apply to the skin and hair with gentle massage for better absorption.

    The seductive effect of this elixir reaches its maximum response 30 minutes after application and lasts for a few hours. Reapply as desired. If there are signs of allergic reaction to the applied area, please discontinue use.

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    5 out of 5
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    1. aldrich
      really helped me get my confidence back!

    Orgie Sensfeel Seduction Pheromone Elixir – For ManOrgie Sensfeel Seduction Pheromone Elixir – For Man
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