Hormony Heavy Starter Kit – Pads and Tampons

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Whether you want to see if you prefer pads or tampons or you like to mix things up, you can count on the Hormony Heavy Starter Kit – Pads and Tampons! This bundle has both heavy pads and tampons, all made with organic cotton.

  • Includes 1 Heavy Organic Pad with Wings 8s pack, and 1 Heavy Organic Tampons 8s pack
  • Absorbency capacity: pads 150mL / tampons 12-15g
  • Starter kit; accommodates heavy days
  • Made with 100% organic cotton
  • Free from allergens, fragrance, chlorine, and other harmful materials
  • Tampons are safe to use while swimming
  • Pads are designed with 7 layers of leak protection
  • Designed in the Philippines

Stock is available

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    Hormony Heavy Starter Kit – Pads and Tampons Features

    Looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional pads and tampons? Hormony has just what you need. The Hormony Heavy Starter Kit – Pads and Tampons made with organic cotton, recyclable wrapper, and other eco-friendly materials.

    The tampon has a super absorbent core made from organic cotton, a biodegradable and renewable material. Its leak-locking design ensures a mess-free period, and it’s perfect for active women who want to swim, run, or dance during their period without worrying about leaks.

    Meanwhile, the pads come with 7-layer protection and a capacity of 150mL, three times more than other commercial pads on the market. Its leak-locking feature lets you stay fresh and dry throughout the day. Proudly made in the Philippines.

    How to Use This Product?

    Got this menstrual care bundle? Great! Before inserting the tampon, ensure clean hands to avoid touching your private parts with unclean hands. Using your middle finger, gently insert the tampon into your vagina, ensuring the string is outside. Give the string a gentle tug to check if the tampon is full. Remember to change the tampon 3-5 times daily and not to wear it for more than 6 hours to prevent the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

    To remove the tampon, find a comfortable position and gently pull the string diagonally downwards until it comes out smoothly. If you can’t locate the string, try squatting and gently feeling for it. After removal, wrap the tampon with its original packaging or tissue paper, and dispose of it in the bin.

    For the pad, remove one from the wrapper, remove the sticker covers, and place it in the middle of your underwear. Secure the small wings to the other side and wear your undies as usual. Change the pad regularly as needed. When it’s time to remove the used pad, gently pull it off and wrap it with tissue or its original wrapper, then dispose of it in the bin. Both products are designed for regular flow.

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    5 out of 5
    (3) Reviews
    1. mayra
      i love both these products so much! i got safe options for my red days cuz of hormony. thank you for the fast delivery and friendly service too lauvette!

    2. angel
      both products are very nice! you can use the tampons and feel safe for outings and pads for everyday!

    3. lyka
      my go to heavy flow products! really glad i discovered hormony!

    Hormony Heavy Starter Kit – Pads and TamponsHormony Heavy Starter Kit – Pads and Tampons
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