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Intimate Earth Defense Lube


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The Intimate Earth Defense Lube isn’t just formulated to ensure a smoother groove in the bedroom— it also protects you against yeast infection. Crafted with organic ingredients, this edible lube maintains healthy microflora.

  • 60ml
  • Water-based
  • Formulated with carrageenan (sea kelp), organic tea tree oil, and guava bark extract
  • Helps in protecting against yeast infection
  • Maintains healthy microflora
  • Paraben-free and glycerin-free
  • Latex condom friendly
  • Safe to ingest

Out of stock

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    Intimate Earth Defense Lube Features

    Protect your vagina against yeast infection and maintain a healthy microflora with the Intimate Earth Defense Lube. This lubricant is infused with carrageenan (sea kelp), organic tea tree oil, and guava bark extract.

    Aside from its organic formulation, this luscious lube also has a silky-smooth consistency, making it a reliable lubricant for anal and vaginal penetration. Not only that, but this is safe to ingest, so you can also use this for oral plays.

    How to Use this Product?

    We know you’re excited to try this one out, but you need to do a patch test first. Apply a few drops of the product on your wrist, then wait for a few seconds. Check if you have an allergic reaction to the product. If there’s any sign of allergic reaction on the applied region, such as redness and itchiness, discontinue use.

    If you’re okay after the patch test, proceed to use this to your sexual plays, such as vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Once you’re done with the deed, store this product in a secure spot. Avoid putting the bottle in direct sunlight. Keep it away from children.

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    Intimate Earth Defense LubeIntimate Earth Defense Lube
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