Wellness Vaginal Dilator Kit – Purple


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If you’re having difficulty with vaginal penetration, here’s a sexual wellness device that could help you overcome it. The Wellness Vaginal Dilator Kit – Purple trains you to relax your pelvic floor muscles, featuring a soft rounded tip and heart-shaped base.

  • Size (extra small): length 3.5″ / diameter 0.5″
  • Size (small): length 4.75″ / diameter 0.75
  • Size (medium): length 5.5″ / diameter 1″
  • Size (large): length 6″ / diameter 1.25″
  • Material: platinum-cured silicone
  • 4-piece vaginal dilator set
  • Soft rounded tip to ensure your comfort
  • Reduces pain and possible anxiety around penetration
  • Waterproof

Out of stock

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    Wellness Vaginal Dilator Kit – Purple Features

    Are you experiencing menopause, vaginismus, dyspareunia, or other conditions that make vaginal penetration extremely uncomfortable? Try the Wellness Silicone Vaginal Dilator Kit – Purple. It could help you familiarize yourself with penetration and minimize the discomfort that you feel during the deed.

    This 4-piece dilator set that trains you to relax your pelvic floor muscles. Each dilator is designed with a soft rounded tip and a cute heart-shaped base. It’s made with platinum-cured silicone, giving a velvet-soft finish to the device. They’re also hypoallergenic and non-porous, ensuring your safety and comfort with every use.

    How to Use this Product?

    Before purchasing the Wellness Vaginal Dilator Kit – Purple, we recommend consulting your OB-Gyne first. Using a vaginal dilator is simply one of the numerous forms of therapy that you can use to minimize your pain and discomfort around vaginal penetration. Your doctor may suggest other forms of therapy or recommend personal care products that go along with this dilator set.

    Once you’ve received this set, we recommend getting the extra-small dilator and cleaning it with lukewarm water and mild soap or a sex toy cleaner.

    When using this sexual wellness device, make sure to find the time and place to be alone and comfortable, such as your bedroom. Take a few breaths to relax your mind and body. Lie on your bed with your feet flat on the bed. Spread your legs until they’re the same width as your shoulders; use pillows if necessary.

    Once you’re positioned, apply water-based lubricant on the smallest dilator and gently insert it in your vagina. You shouldn’t feel any pain, but it should feel a bit snug. Once it’s inside, you can either keep it in, gently push and pull it out of your vagina, create circular motions inside or practice kegel exercises.

    Do these dilator exercises for 5-10 minutes. Make sure you’re fully comfortable with the current dilator before going for the bigger one.

    Keep in mind that these are recommended steps. We highly suggest seeking help with your OB-Gyne for more-detailed steps of using these dilators.

    Care Instruction

    Warm water and mild soap

    Clean with warm water and mild soap.

    Lint-free cloth or towel

    Pat dry with lint-free cloth or towel.

    Satin pouch

    Pack in a linen/silk/satin pouch.


    Do not use acid-cleaner or brush.

    Power Plug

    Make sure water does not go inside the switch or charging port.

    Cooling Fan

    Store in a cool dry place.

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    Wellness Vaginal Dilator Kit – PurpleWellness Vaginal Dilator Kit – Purple
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