Mirko Flow Underwear Set – Medium


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Manage your red days more easily and leak-free with the Mirko Flow Underwear Set – Medium. These minimalist-designed undies are designed to be your last layer of protection against leaks during your period. It’s reusable, stain-proof, and easy to wash by hand or machine.

  • Size: medium
  • Material: smooth polyester spandex
  • Includes 3 pairs of period underwear
  • Leak-proof (full coverage from front to back)
  • Absorbs up to 8-10ml (equivalent to 2 regular tampons)
  • Chic and sleek bikini cut
  • Machine-washable (avoid heat)
  • Good for light days, extra protection on heavy days

Out of stock

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    Mirko Flow Underwear Set – Medium Features

    Say goodbye to period leaks with the Mirko Flow Underwear Set – Medium. It’s made with cool and breathable polyester spandex and absorbs up to 10ml (equivalent to 2 regular tampons); it prevents leaks from your crotch to the back! With its ultra-thin design and leak-proof, you can comfortably manage your red days.

    Aside from its specialized design, this period underwear set is reusable, stain-proof, and easy to wash by hand or machine (avoid heat). It’s the perfect period companion for solo-wear on light flow days and a recommended pair with cups, discs, tampons, pads on heavier flow days. Proudly designed and manufactured in the Philippines. Includes three pairs of period underwear.

    How to Use this Product?

    Got this underwear set? Great! The Mirko Flow Underwear Set – Medium can be used by itself on your light days and as an extra layer of protection on your heavy days. Just wear it as you would regularly do in normal underwear. For further protection, we recommend using this underwear with the Mirko Menstrual Cup for a sustainable and leak-free period!

    As for cleaning the product, you can wash them by hand or the laundry machine. Do not use hot water, bleach, or fabric softener as these may damage the leak-proof film. Do not iron or tumble dry; hang the underwear to dry.

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    Mirko Flow Underwear Set – MediumMirko Flow Underwear Set – Medium
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