Nala Biodegradable Pantyliners


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Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to your regular pantyliners? Go for Nala Biodegradable Pantyliners! They are made with natural and biodegradable materials, protecting you from unexpected spotting and keeping your intimate area clean and fresh.

  • Box contains 24 individually wrapped pieces
  • Made with natural, biodegradable, and breathable materials
  • Hypoallergenic and unscented; prevents irritation on the intimate area
  • Free from perfumes, pesticides, chlorine, and other harmful chemicals
  • Best suited for daily use and spotting

Stock is available

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    Nala Biodegradable Pantyliners Features

    Stay feeling fresh, dry, and comfortable all day long with the Nala Biodegradable Pantyliners! These liners are made with organic and breathable materials; they’re not just good for your body but for the environment too! The liners are created with an organic GOTS-certified cotton top sheet, a polylactic (cornstarch) wrapper, and polylactic acid (cornstarch) back sheet film. Each pad is also free from chlorine, perfumes, and other synthetic chemicals. They’re ultra-soft and super absorbent, keeping you protected throughout the day. So what are you waiting for? Say yes to everyday freshness!

    How to Use this Product?

    To use the Nala Biodegradable Pantyliners, simply grab an individually wrapped liner from the box, remove the wrapper, and stick the pantyliner in your undies using the sticky strip on the back. Next, wear your lined underwear and proceed with your tasks. You can only wear the liner for a day or once it becomes moist.¬†Once you’re done using it, remove the liner from your undies and dispose them in the biodegradable bin. Never flush a used pantyliner in the toilet.

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    Nala Biodegradable PantylinersNala Biodegradable Pantyliners
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