Lelo Hex Respect XL Condoms 12s


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Keep your sexcapades safe with the Lelo Hex Respect XL Condoms 12s. Made for men with above-average penises, it features a sacred hexagonal structure to ensure a comfortable fit.

  • Size: length 7.67″ / thickness 0.0017″
  • 10% longer than regular Hex condoms
  • Hexagonal cell structure for optimal fit
  • Lightly lubricated, transparent, neutralized scent, and teat-ended
  • Easy to unroll and wear
  • Nominal width of 2.28″

Stock is available

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    Lelo Hex Respect XL Condoms 12s Features

    Are standard condoms feeling a bit snug and uncomfortable? Say goodbye to discomfort with Lelo Hex Respect XL Condoms 12s. Specially designed for those needing a bit more room, these condoms are longer and wider than traditional options, providing a comfortable fit without sacrificing protection. You’ll love it!

    How to Use This Product?

    Start with getting a single condom from the pack and carefully unwrap it. Pinch the tip to leave some space, then roll it down over your erect penis. Make sure the reservoir tip is facing upwards to ensure correct placement. Once the condom is securely in place, you’re ready for vaginal or anal intercourse. Remember, never use two condoms simultaneously—they’re designed for single use only.

    If you experience any signs of allergic reaction, promptly remove the condom and wash your penis. Consider consulting your doctor and exploring non-latex alternatives for future use.

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    Lelo Hex Respect XL Condoms 12sLelo Hex Respect XL Condoms 12s
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