Orgie Human Lubricant


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Indulge in pure, unadulterated pleasure with the Orgie Human Lubricant! This water-based lube emulates the look and consistency of vaginal lubrication, ensuring a smooth glide in your sensual plays.

  • 150ml
  • Water-based
  • Mimics natural vaginal lubrication and saliva
  • Formulated with brown seaweed and lavender extracts
  • Provides relief to vaginal dryness
  • Unscented, long-lasting, and non-staining
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in Portugal

Stock is available

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    Orgie Human Lubricant Features

    Looking for a lube that perfectly emulates your natural lubrication? We’ve got you covered! The Orgie Human Lubricant is formulated with the nourishing essence of brown seaweed and lavender extracts. It offers more than just pleasure, as it provides relief to vaginal dryness, soothing and replenishing with each application.

    Free from artificial scents, our unscented formula respects your body’s unique chemistry, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the sensations without distraction. It’s also non-staining, ensuring effortless cleanup. You’ll love it!

    How to Use This Product?

    Before diving in, let’s do a patch test. Dab a few drops of the product onto your wrist and wait a moment to check for any signs of allergic reaction or other irritation. All clear? Perfect!

    Using our lubricant is a breeze—apply it to your desired areas and let the passion unfold. Once you finish the deed, rinse with water and a mild cleanser. When it’s time to stow away your secret weapon, find a cozy spot away from direct sunlight for safekeeping until your next adventure.

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    Orgie Human LubricantOrgie Human Lubricant
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