Orgie Lips Massage Kit – Strawberry


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Fill your bonding nights with immense passion using the Orgie Lips Massage Kit – Strawberry. This alluring set comes with kissable massage oil and a feather tickler that you can use for sensorial massages.

  • Includes massage oil and feather tickler
  • Massage oil is strawberry-flavored with warming effect
  • Perfect for sensual massages
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in Portugal

Out of stock

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    Orgie Lips Massage Kit – Strawberry Features

    The Orgie Lips Massage Kit – Strawberry is a pleasure kit meant for teasing touches. It features a strawberry-flavored kissable massage oil— you can use it for oral play. Aside from that, this set also includes a sophisticated feather tickler. If you’re wondering how to use this tickler, don’t worry, as a quick guide is included in the kit. So what are you waiting for? Indulge in teasing foreplay and sensorial massages with this intimate set.

    How to Use this Set?

    Got yourself this massage kit? Awesome! You’re just a step away from pure pleasure. Start by removing the bottle and the feather out of the packaging, open the bottle’s cap and apply an ample amount of massage oil into your hands. Ask your partner to lie down on their stomach, then gently massage their body with the oil. Don’t forget to give teasing rubs on their erogenous zones, such as their ears, neck, and bum. You can also use your lips to massage their body or use the feather tickler. Once you’re done with the deed, wash off the oil with water and mild soap. If the tickler has some oil in it, we suggest rinsing it off with water then let it air dry. Store the bottle in a cool and secure place. Never use the massage oil beyond its expiration date.

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    Orgie Lips Massage Kit – StrawberryOrgie Lips Massage Kit – Strawberry
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