Satisfyer Pro 3+

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Send yourself into twitching ecstasy with this clit-sucking vibrator! The Satisfyer Pro 3+ features 11 pressure wave modes and 10 vibration frequencies, bringing you to cloud nine with every use.

  • Size: length 5.7″ / width 1.9″ / height 1.7″
  • Material: body-safe silicone & ABS plastic
  • Powered with 2 separately-controllable motors
  • Created with Air Pulse Technology; provides touch-free clit stimulation
  • Has 11 pressure wave intensities & 10 vibration modes
  • Sleek & elegant design
  • Rechargeable (USB magnetic charging cable included)
  • Whisper-quiet vibrations
  • Waterproof

Stock is available

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    Sucking ModeSucking Mode

    Various VibrationVarious Vibration


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    Satisfyer Pro 3+ Features

    At first glance, you might think of this luscious vibe as elegant decor– but oh boy, the pleasurable features on this love toy are one for the books! The Satisfyer Pro 3+ stimulates your intimate area with its 11 pressure wave/clit suction modes and 10 vibration rhythms. Designed with 2 high-powered motors, you can independently control the 2 features– offering 110 exciting combinations! This love toy is also waterproof, making it an ideal companion to your shower plays. So what are you waiting for? Get this luscious vibe and have endless pleasure with it!

    How to Use this Toy?

    Using the Satisfyer Pro 3+ for your solo sexcapades? Great! Start by charging this love toy. Kindly read the manual to learn more about the charging process. Once it’s all charged up, you can then turn on the vibe. There are 3 buttons in there. If you want to turn on the clit suction/pressure waves, press the middle button. Press the same button to increase the intensity of pleasure waves. To reduce the pressure, press the top button. Once you’ve found the right intensity for your needs, dab some water-based lube on your clit, then gently press the opening to your clitoris. Now, if you want to amp it up with some vibrations, you can press the bottom wave button. Press the other end of the toy to your clit. Change the vibration modes by single-clicking the wave button. Once you’re done with the play, press the middle and wave button for a few seconds to turn it off. Clean this luscious vibe with a sex toy cleaner or warm water and soap.

    Care Instruction

    Warm water and mild soap

    Clean with warm water and mild soap.

    Lint-free cloth or towel

    Pat dry with lint-free cloth or towel.

    Satin pouch

    Pack in a linen/silk/satin pouch.


    Do not use acid-cleaner or brush.

    Power Plug

    Make sure water does not go inside the switch or charging port.

    Cooling Fan

    Store in a cool dry place.

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    4.7142857142857 out of 5
    (14) Reviews
    1. CleeT
      Lauv-ed it! <3 The battery life is pretty good, it was my best friend in bed for almost a year until it's unprecedented and untimely death 🙁 But this is okay cause i got it on sale, not so sure if its worth the full price just because it stopped working on its own. But performance wise 10/10. Dont need no man! would recommend if it were on sale hehe

    2. HRH_K
      I initially got the Satisfyer Pro 2 because some reviewers say this one has a milder power and they don't get off it as much (and as quicker?). But tbh, I love this over my Pro 2 -- and I don't even use the vibrate function on this one. It's just an overall more ergonomic toy for me, easier to hold and easier to clean, too! And I don't know how others can say it's not powerful because boy--!!! And maybe it's just me, but the transition form one intensity to the other is also just better on this toy for me. 💯 ALSO, it looks so pretty??? Definitely recommend this!

    3. C
      5 minutes...enough said 😉

    4. V
      I've had this for over a month... This is a great investment (for me). I managed to snag this during a 70% discount and I wanted to make sure my review covered all the bases! Also jut a bit of a disclaimer or explanation: This doesn't use suction! Think of that thumping you see on a bass speaker going to town on your coochie.. To start, the toy itself is rather luxurious feeling and smooth all around, the rose gold trim hasn't get been removed or rubbed off no matter how many times I've washed it with water. (as I noted from other reviews not from this site that the rose trim tends to wash off somehow) Unfortunately, the norm with Satisfyer products seems to be how easy it is to remove the charging cable from the device, so make sure the toy is far away from anything that would move it! Not to mention, 4 hours of charge time for a single hour of use? It may sound a little tedious to charge for so long, but the toy itself is rather powerful, so I'm not too bothered unless I'm THAT hot-and-bothered (badum-tss). The air pulse works wonderfully on the bean- do be careful of the more powerful modes and use lube! (Do as I say.. not as I do..) Some reviews don't explain it, but the use of both vibration and air pulse is possible if you long press on either ON button while another function is on. Personally, it's rather easy to overstimulate yourself with the Air Pulse alone, but I'm a little worried for myself that I may be getting too used to it HAHAHAHAHA Overall, a super worth-it purchase that never fails to really get me going. 😉

    5. Perky
      I'm giving 5 stars to lauvette for good packaging and prompt delivery. Overall this is a good shop hence, I'm checking out something after this review haha. Regarding the toy, hmmm idk I was unsatisfied. I couldn't feel the sucking motion. I could feel the vibrations more than sucking. Vibrations were good though but I was expecting more I guess since I have tons of vibrators already and I bought this specifically for the sucking feature.

    Satisfyer Pro 3+Satisfyer Pro 3+
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