3-Pack Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 16s


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Looking for a more eco-friendly way to manage your monthly flow? The 3-Pack Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 16s is here to help! Each tampon is made with 100% organic cotton, quickly absorbing your flow and incredibly gentle in your intimate area.

  • Includes 3 packs of Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 16s
  • 100% certified organic tampons
  • Free from allergens, chlorine, and other harmful chemicals
  • Leak-locking design to prevent leaks and maintain freshness
  • Made for heavy menstrual flow; 12-15g absorbency
  • Safe to use while swimming
  • Recyclable wrapper
  • No applicator
  • Designed in the Philippines

Stock is available

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    3-Pack Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 16s Features

    Transform your menstrual cycle into an eco-friendly experience with the 3-Pack Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 16s. This bundle is made with exceptionally sustainable materials, such as organic cotton. It doesn’t come with harmful chemicals that you may see in traditional tampons, like chlorine, fragrances, parabens, and allergens.

    Not only that, but the leak-locking design of this tampon makes it easy for active menstruators to continue their athletic pursuits. Whether you’re a runner, swimmer, or dancer, this eco-friendly tampon can keep up with your routine! Ideal for heavy menstrual flow, you won’t be running out of tampons for a few cycles with this set.

    How to Use This Product?

    If you’re new to using tampons, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! First, make sure you have clean hands and unwrap one tampon. Find a comfy position, like sitting on the toilet or standing with one foot on the bathtub’s edge, to easily insert the tampon into your vagina.

    Hold the base of the tampon and gently push it inside with your middle finger until the only visible part is the string. Keep the string hanging outside, as that will be used for removal. Once it’s in, you can continue with your daily routine.

    Remember to change your tampon 3-5 times a day and never wear it for more than 6 hours to avoid the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). To check if the tampon is full, gently pull the string. If you feel it was smoothly sliding out, then it’s time to change it.

    When it’s time to remove the tampon, get into a comfortable position and gently pull the string diagonally downwards. It should easily slide out. If you can’t find the string, don’t panic! Get into a squatting position and use your fingers to locate it. Remember to wrap the used tampon with its packaging or tissue paper and dispose of it in the bin.

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    3-Pack Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 16s3-Pack Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 16s
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