3-Pack Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 8s

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Feel good about your period! The 3-Pack Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 8s is the perfect bundle for an eco-friendly alternative to commercial tampons. It’s free from allergens, chlorine, fragrances, and other harmful chemicals.

  • Includes 3 packs of Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 8s
  • 100% certified organic tampons
  • Free from allergens, fragrance, chlorine, and other harmful materials
  • Leak-locking design to maintain freshness and prevent leaks
  • Made for heavy menstrual flow; 12-15g absorbency
  • Safe to use while swimming
  • Recyclable wrapper
  • No applicator
  • Designed in the Philippines

Out of stock

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    3-Pack Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 8s Features

    Looking for a sustainable and body-friendly alternative to traditional menstrual products? The 3-Pack Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 8s is the answer to your needs. This bundle features 24 tampons made with an organic cotton core and a recyclable wrapper, reducing the environmental impact of your menstrual care routine.

    With a 12-15g absorbency, this tampon is perfect for those heavy flow days, keeping you dry and comfortable! It’s also designed to be safe for all activities, including cycling, swimming, and other athletic pursuits. Whether you’re new to tampons or looking for an eco-friendly choice, you’ll love this one!

    How to Use This Product?

    Got this bundle for your monthly period? That’s great! Before you start, make sure to wash your hands. Remove the tampon from its wrapping and hold it by the base. Get into a position where you can easily access your vagina, like squatting. Use your middle finger to gently insert the tampon into your vagina, keeping the string hanging outside. Push it in until only the string is visible.

    To check if your tampon is full, tug the string. If it moves easily, you must change with a fresh one. Remember to change your tampon 3-5 times daily and avoid wearing it for more than 6 hours to prevent the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a rare yet potentially serious condition.

    When it’s time to remove it, get into a comfortable position and gently pull the string diagonally downwards. The tampon should slide out smoothly. If you can’t find the string, squat down and locate it. Wrap the used tampon in its original packaging or tissue paper, and dispose of it in a bin.

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    5 out of 5
    (3) Reviews
    1. kristine
      I used these tampons, and it held up well on my heavy flow days. 🤩

    2. aleks
      They provide reliable protection without feeling overly bulky. 💕

    3. vynice
      The rounded tip also makes insertion a breeze, and I didn't feel any poking or discomfort throughout the day.

    3-Pack Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 8s3-Pack Hormony Heavy Organic Tampons 8s
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