Pasante Ribs & Dots Condoms 12s


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Protect yourself from naughty mishaps while also amping up your pleasure! The Pasante Ribs & Dots Condoms 12s are textured to enhance the sensations you and your partner feel during penetrative sex.

  • Size: nominal length 190mm / nominal width 52mm
  • Made with natural rubber latex
  • Ribbed and dotted for extra pleasure
  • Transparent, non-spermicidal lubricated, and teat-ended
  • Kitemarked and CE marked
  • Free from alcohol and animal-derived ingredients

Out of stock

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    Pasante Ribs & Dots Condoms 12s Features

    Take your sexual plays to the next level while keeping yourself safe from sexually-transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies. The Pasante Ribs & Dots Condoms 12s are textured to bring pure pleasure.

    Made with natural rubber latex, this luscious product is free from toxic and animal-derived ingredients, such as casein. It’s also alcohol, making it gentle to your intimate areas.

    How to Use this Product?

    Using a condom is pretty simple. First, remove the condom from the wrapper. Gently pinch the tip, then slide it over your erection. Remember to roll it the right way; the tip must be pointing upwards. You can then proceed with your sexual activities. Never ever put two condoms at once. Don’t reuse the product. Precaution: If you experience symptoms of allergies, remove the product immediately, wash your genitals, and consult your healthcare provider.

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    Pasante Ribs & Dots Condoms 12sPasante Ribs & Dots Condoms 12s
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