Charlotte Sucker Set


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New to clit suckers? This pleasure is a must-have! The Charlotte Sucker Set features the Charlotte Sucker, a battery-operated clitoral sucker developed with 7 suction modes for your maximum pleasure. It also includes an edible water-based chocolate lubricant, a small satin pouch, and a breaking taboos pin.

  • 1 charlotte sucker (random color / length 3.5” / diameter 2.28” / 2 AAA battery-operated / 7
    suction modes / ABS and silicone-made)
  • 1 water-based chocolate lube (50ml / edible / body-safe and long-lasting formula)
  • 1 lauvette pouch (random color, small size)
  • 1 breaking taboos pin (random design)

Stock is available

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    Battery OperatedBattery Operated

    Sucking ModeSucking Mode

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    Charlotte Sucker Set Features

    Looking for the perfect sex toy set for beginners? We got you covered. The Charlotte Sucker Set is great for vulva-having folks who prefer clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal penetration.

    It features the Charlotte sucker, an ABS and silicone-made clit sucker with 7 pulsating suction modes. It’s 2 AAA battery-operated, so no need to wait for a few minutes to charge it up when the battery runs out; just plug in some new ones and play again! It’s also lightweight and whisper-quiet, making it an ideal toy for your out-of-town trips.

    Aside from the clit sucker, this pleasure set includes an edible water-based chocolate lubricant, a small lauvette pouch, and a breaking taboos pin.

    How to Use this Set?

    Got the Charlotte Sucker Set for your solo plays? Awesome! The Charlotte Sucker is a 2 AAA battery-operated love toy, so you’ll need to put 2 AAA batteries on the designated compartment. Please check the included manual on where to put the batteries.

    After that, you’ll need to clean the opening/hole of the clit sucker. Spray a sex toy cleaner on the opening and wipe it with a towel, or wipe it with a damp soapy towel and then a dry towel. Once you’re done, you then start playing!

    Press the power button for a few seconds or until you hear a subtle whirring/buzzing sound. Apply water-based chocolate lubricant on your clitoris, then press the suction part of the toy against your vulva to create a suction for your “erect” clitoris. You can also rub this clit sucker on your other erogenous zones, such as your nipples.

    Once you’re done, turn off the clit sucker, clean it, and store it inside the small satin pouch. As for the breaking taboos pin, you can use it to accessorize your clothing or bags.

    Care Instruction

    Warm water and mild soap

    Clean with warm water and mild soap.

    Lint-free cloth or towel

    Pat dry with lint-free cloth or towel.

    Satin pouch

    Pack in a linen/silk/satin pouch.


    Do not use acid-cleaner or brush.

    Power Plug

    Make sure water does not go inside the switch or charging port.

    Cooling Fan

    Store in a cool dry place.

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    Charlotte Sucker SetCharlotte Sucker Set
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